David Chesky Orchestral Urban Composer
"Chesky combines a gritty sophistication
with a street-level energy
and currents of exotic folkishness."

"Chesky could turn out to be a one man Brecht-Weill
for the twenty first century."
Opera News

"Chesky is one of the most gifted concerto composers currently active.
Mostly, one's impressed with the constant high level of invention."

The Absolute Sound

"David Chesky fuses diverse influences into a musical language all his own."
Gramophone Magazine

"This is memorable, involving well-crafted music
in a highly individual, identifiable style."

Fanfare Classical Magazine

"There is real substance here, and a dynamic creative personality at work.
I'm very interested to hear how Chesky will follow this achievement,
and I hope that the wait won't be too long."

"If you love classical music, you have got to hear Chesky's new recording-and
if you don't love classical music that might be because
you haven't heard anything as fresh and lively as Chesky's compositions."

Stereophile Magazine

"The restless composer has had one hand in jazz, one in classical.
He brilliantly blends the two, adding ethno-folk into the mix. Musically audacious,
and one of the finest composers you'll ever hear, period."

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Songs for a Broken World
The Excommunication Mass